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Reply. By saying hi. I feel lonely.


2007-12-08 16:05:12 by Enigmatic-Boy

500 songs! My iPod is completely filled up! I have 1,000 songs already!


2007-11-07 16:22:05 by Enigmatic-Boy

I have now over 400 NG songs!!!OMG!!!!


Hey guys!!

2007-10-10 20:00:47 by Enigmatic-Boy

Hello! I've passed 300 songs downloaded from the Audio Portal! Woot! teh1337 haxxor omfglolroflmao... sorry.

Hey guys!!

New Song

2007-09-21 19:53:22 by Enigmatic-Boy

I've finally made a good song... worked really hard on it... it's called NODES!!!


2007-08-19 20:37:12 by Enigmatic-Boy

I've started to submit some audio! I make all my stuff in garageband so I had to find a program to make .band files into .mp3 files. Hope u like em!

Hey guys!

2007-08-10 10:08:22 by Enigmatic-Boy

Hey guys! I'm Alex. I'm new to Newgrounds, so I wanted to say hi. Umm... yeah. So you might be seeing me around, k?